Use Hashtags to Grow Your Audience

Are you using hashtags in your social posts? You should be. Hashtags are the best way for people to find your content. Use hashtags. They're free and effective.

Customer Service is Marketing

Every interaction a person has with your brand is marketing, whether it's with a front desk person, call center, twitter conversation or waiter. Learn how brands use Active Listening and Postive Language for customer service to surprise and delight even the most belligerent customers.

What I Learned at Adobe Summit 2018

For the first time, I attended the Adobe Summit. It was an amazing week learning new tools and getting a sneak peek at the future of Digital Marketing, AI & Conversational Commerce.

No, Really...What is Email Marketing?

Gaining a deeper understanding into the types of email marketing and the important tools that go along with it can easily pull you ahead of the competition.

Content Marketing - The Two Words That Will Set You Apart

Content Marketing - Why it matters to create content people will love.

Stop Cheating Customers With Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns are a design choice used to misdirect, obscure or trick a user into an action or inaction. It's not just ethically wrong but in some cases illegal. There's an easter eff in the featured image and also a great video.

Homepages Don't Convert. Landing Pages Do

Landing pages help turn information into action, making it easier to get a visitor to convert into a sale or lead.

How to Find New Leads and Cut Through the Clutter

Convert cold leads into warm leads... When it comes to sales leads it’s important to show that you care and that you’re not just interested in making a buck. Be a human being first, and a salesperson second.

Digital Ads So Good You'd Never Know It's A Commercial

How many times a day do you get interrupted by an annoying ad? It stops and distracts you from trying to get things done in your day to day - This is traditional Marketing. Traditional Marketing is always sending the wrong message at the wrong time. Inbound Marketing, however, is a more pleasingly approach, it's the right content, targeted at my interests and needs, at the right time.

The Five Minute Rule: It Can Make You or Break You

Do you know the 5-minute rule that can make or break your chances of connecting with sales leads?