Written by Jason Zagami

For years I wanted to start a company Podcast, but wasn't sure how and what it would involve. I ended up creating the Podcast that I wanted to hear - which became The CPM Podcast. Honestly, it wasn't difficult at all. 

To start a Podcast you only need 4 things: 

  1. Microphone 
  2. Audio Software
  3. The Topic
  4. Podcast Hosting


I recommend using a USB microphone, that way you won't have to worry about wires and adapters. The mic I went with was the Samson Meteor USB Mic.


It sounds great and wasn't expensive. I added an inexpensive Pop Filter which helped eliminate the sound of my breathing when speaking closely. 

Audio Software

I'm on a Mac which included GarageBand audio software. If you're on a PC you can use Audacity.


Choosing a topic and format was the most difficult part. I really enjoy good storytelling, so that's the format I went with. It's produced in the spirit of great storytellers from programs such as 99% Invisible, This American Life & RadioLab


Podcast Hosting was something I was unfamiliar with. After doing some research I went with buzzsprout.com. The features and pricing were in line with what I was looking for. There are free services, but I was happy to pay a couple dollars a month for their integration and easy setup with iTunes and popular streaming services.

Shortly after that I posted my very first episode about using Twitter. It was pretty exciting, and each episode gives me more experience as a writer and creator. 

If you are thinking about doing your own podcast, recruit friends and family to critique each episode. Honest feedback will get you closer to the tone and material that reflects your brand and mission. 


If you have any questions about starting your Podcast, please feel free to message me on Twitter - @jasonzagami.

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